Two Time Breast Cancer Survivor, Mother of Five and Advocate for Pink Power is on a mission to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Prevention by promoting the benefits of preventive health care and maintenance through early screenings, and to provide an outlet of support to individuals and their families dealing with or have dealt with breast cancer.

On a mission to raise awareness for Crohn's & Colitis to just get the fact out that it really is a serious disease and not just a "condition". This awareness is truly important because misinformation make it hard to develop empathy for a friend, partner or family member with this disease.

Paris Soul Café is more than tributes and performances,” Harris explains,  is an opportunity to Pay Homage to community leaders, movers and shakers. It's more than tributes and performances, but an opportunity for honorees to share their experiences and lessons learned with attendees. The "Paris Soul Cafe'" goal is to entertain, inspire and inform.