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The program encourages our future leaders of society to become positive contributors to their communities by exposing them to the world of culinary arts, event planning and management and food history through mentoring, community service and cultural experiences. The program is for children ages 9 to 19.  The program is designed through a tier-mentoring program. We are committed to changing the outlook of this generation by involving the children in volunteer services, activities to encourage cultural food and events, and encouraging them to build and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships among their peers.

We believe that our youth can achieve and accomplish anything they put their minds to, and with a little boost and mentoring they can reach beyond their dreams.   

Through Hope and Hospitality our youth gain knowledge and life skills required for living and working in our increasingly challenging world. Our main goal is to give these kids the experience to help and serve others, while engaging in projects to enhance their service and life skills.

Hope and Hospitality wants to challenge our youth to have the hunger to do something in the fight against hunger, hate, poverty, etc. We feel by involving them in the action to do something, not only will they feel good about helping others, through Hope and Hospitality!