Since 2006 The Love Lives Foundation has served, supported and been a resource center for countless of men, women, children and community leaders across the globe. The Love Lives Foundation operates on the strategy of uplifting, supporting and identifying individuals through feeding the hungry, empowerment programs and leading with love.


On a three-fold mission, the Love Lives  Foundation’s purpose is to uplift and feed hungry individuals and families through our Bags of Hope program. In addition to offering initiatives for our members, volunteers and supporters that promote trust, bonding, and unity through our Purpose PopUps. While empowering the youth through motivation, education, and mentorship through our We Step Social Aid & Pleasure Mentoring Club. 

We are committed to servicing, empowering and uplifting communities.  To ensure that we meet the most intricate needs of the community, every individual from board members to staff are personally involved with our programs and events.  Our proven hands-on service approach guarantees the individual needs will be met regardless of financial background, race, color or creed.

Furthermore, our organization is determined to bring this same level of service and commitment of excellence to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds.  We oversee our foundation's clients and projects with dedication, commitment and care.  We strive to bring smiles to faces, fill stomachs, and motivate our youth, all while building stronger communities. The Love Lives Foundation is feeding hungry hearts with love one act of kindness at a time.


Ignite, Empower, Explode Love 365 Days A Year!