High End Innovation and Feeding the Hungry

Meile Beverly Hills Showroom sets the standards on high end home appliances, it’s beyond an honor to have had the opportunity to prepare food to feed the hungry in their showroom. 

The entire experience from the first day meeting Lisa, Michy & Sheeba of Meile which set the tone for the actual day of preparation to coming back the next day to prepare and meeting another staff member Shonte’ was above and beyond expectations. We would not trade a single moment for the world.

Special thanks to Trader Joe’s West Hollywood for sponsoring the food, Kaira Akita founder of Reality Revolution for coming on board to bring awareness to the masses our founders mission of giving, hope and love, Be More Media for capturing the moments and the Love Lives New Orleans and Atlanta family Kawanda and Dashan for traveling to California for the first time just to share this precious moment of luxurious giving and celebrating more to come.

From shopping at Trader Joe’s, to meeting the production team and Miele staff for the first time in person, to picking up my friends from the airport,  interacting with Miele’s customers, to preparing plates for the less fortunate with everyone still feels like a dream. It was such a continuous wave of love. I tear up every time I think of the encounter” – Jayda, Love Lives Founder

It’s no surprise that Miele’s staff member Sheeba wrote a song titled “Love Song” -so fitting.

Please enjoy the rest of the pictures. It is our hope that they come to life in your heart, giving you an opportunity to experience half the love we felt.

Fancy right?! To think it’s all being prepared to feed the homeless and hungry.. Luxury & Love together all under one roof. Imagining the fun we had right? Fun & Full Bellies for the love of #doinggood

Our founder who was born and raised in New Orleans met and had the opportunity to feed a fellow New Orleanian on Skid Row. This has been happening for the last 7 years.

Again much gratitude, love and appreciation to Miele Beverly Hills and staff, Trader Joe’s West Beverly Hills, Be More Media, Kawanda Williams, Dashan Rixner, Reality Revolution & Kaira Akita for your love and support in feeding stomachs and hearts with love.