Love Lives participates in the Expedition Give Scavenger Hunt for Charity

Love Lives staff Tinisha Ramos and founder had the opportunity to participate in Expedition Give 5 hour Charity Scavenger Hunt. 

“The hunt was AMAZINGLY awesome!! It started at ended at the amazing “Front Page News” (which happens to be one of Jayda's favorite restaurants in Atlanta.)   

Participants walked; hopped on the Marta train, walked, and ran like their lives were on the line.  At the beginning of the hunt everyone received a list of commands that needed to be completed, such as writing cards to soldiers, preparing sandwiches for the local soup kitchen, convincing a stranger to donate $5, donate can goods,  going to the King Center and taking a picture in front of Dr. Kings tomb, collecting various pictures in front of different locations and monuments, such as the Boys & Girls Club, Coca Cola, Etc.


The funniest thing happened for the Love Lives team, there was this elder man and young child standing on the corner. The gentlemen stated that he and the child were hungry and looking for something to eat.  The team gave them food and $5.00 and proceeded to achieve the their next task after the brief divine intermission.  After they walked off they realized they had to do an act of kindness to a stranger and take a picture with that person as well.  Imagine the two of them running to capture the two for a picture.  

"Besides the fun, excitement and unity between Tinisha and myelf, the event was a HUGE success!!"  -Jayda

Participants collected over 500 pounds of food for the Atlanta Community Bank, made nearly 100 sandwiches for the Trinity Soup Kitchen (some teams didn’t make it to the sandwich station in time, it was hilarious one team went to the actual soup kitchen thinking it was there), teams wrote more than 200 cards for Georgia soldiers serving overseas, as well as handwritten “Get Well” cards for sick children in Atlanta hospitals, spread 40 wheelbarrow loads of mulch in Ansley Park, learned about and supported over 100 different charities and causes, and much more..

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON”! They won a round trip to ANYWHERE courtest of AirTran..